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Entry for Milas Griffin in Georgia, Returns of Qualified Voters and Reconstruction Oath Books,

Milas Griffin, registering the vote for the first time as a freedman in Greene County, Georgia

Screenshot of the 1930 United States Federal Census for Yellow Shanks, Walker County, Alabama

1930 United States Federal Census, Yellow Shanks, Walker County, Alabama

Flora Lichter Kirshner holding plane propeller in airplane hangar

"In a time of enormous racial upheaval, ExploreStory's discoveries have helped me face uncertain times with a sense of confidence and bravery that my ancestors once had when they were in much dire situations.“

- Parker in Michigan

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“Throughout my life I have wondered the history of my family. As a biracial child I found an odd and often unfortunate situation where my mother (white) could trace her lineage back to the originating country but my father (Black) could not. Learning that Eli had the expertise and know how to explore this side of my family, I had to request his assistance. Due to erasure of the Black person in America I had Eli explore as far back to slavery as possible on both my Grandma and Grandfathers side. The discoveries of entrepreneurial endeavors and land ownership by the first freed people of my family helped me establish a complete view of my family’s history.“

"Exceeded all of my expectations...
The most moving part of the whole process for me was seeing a picture of my grandfather for the first time"

- Candice in Ohio

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1.) What were you hoping to learn when you hired ExploreStory for genealogy research looking into your history?

I was hoping to trace my mother's family back as far as possible. It can be difficult to find information about enslaved people and their descendants, so I was happy to find someone that specializes in this area. 

2.) What was most compelling, moving, or awe-inspiring in the research and newfound stories that ExploreStory presented to you?

The most moving part of the whole process for me was seeing a picture of my grandfather for the first time, and being able to give my mom a picture of her father. He died when she was 5, and she hadn't seen a picture of him since she was around 10. So it was a big deal for us. We knew he played Negro League Baseball, but could never find anything on him. Through this service, we now have numerous articles (with pictures!) and were then able to piece together his career (what teams he played for, stats., etc.)


3.) What would you tell a prospective client about what it was like to work with ExploreStory?

GO FOR IT! It's totally worth the money. Not only are they able to gather hard-to-find information, but they put it together for you in a nice portfolio and present it to you. They really paint the picture and tell the story about where you came from. It's so thoughtfully, thoroughly, and beautifully done. 

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